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London's South Bank - August 2004

These are more shots from last weekend in London.

Mime artistes on the south bank, just beneath the London eye. One act applies the final touches to her make-up, whilst the retiring pair clear the pitch.

In the first shot, I can see the face and shawl of an elderly woman; it's in the folds of the canvas, just below the glove.

When I look at the second, I can't help thinking that she's been miming for so long, she's lost the ability to compose a normal expression. But that would be a cruel thing to think. So I'll dismiss it without further ado.

The third shot wasn't meant to be greyscale, initially. However, I just couldn't get along with the colour of her make-up, and didn't have the time to give her a complete makeover, so it is as it is.

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